Colorado Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel

The federal and state constitutions provide that an accused person has the right to be represented by counsel in criminal prosecutions.  This constitutional right has been interpreted to mean that counsel will be provided at state expense for indigent persons in all cases in which actual incarceration is a likely penalty. The Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel (OADC) was established pursuant to §21-2-101, C.R.S. (Senate Bill 96-205).  The OADC is funded to provide representation for indigent persons in criminal and juvenile delinquency cases in which the Public Defender’s office determines that an ethical conflict of interest exists.

The mission of the Office of the Alternate Defense Counsel is to provide indigent individuals (adults and children) charged with crimes with the best legal representation possible. Both Matthew Hardy and Michael Juba work with the OADC and represent clients through this organization.

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Colorado Juvenile Defender Center

The Colorado Juvenile Defender Center is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring excellence in juvenile defense and advocacy and justice for all children and youth in Colorado. CJDC strives to elevate the practice of juvenile defense and advocacy, by holding up juvenile defense as a skilled specialty practice, presenting continuing legal education seminars, developing resources and materials for juvenile defenders and advocates, and by supporting indigent defense through ongoing litigation support and assistance.

CJDC seeks to protect the rights and improve the treatment of children and youth in the juvenile justice system through public advocacy, community organizing, non-partisan research, and policy development. Our attorneys Matthew Hardy and Michael Juba have worked with and supported the CJDC on many occasions.

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LYRIC (Learn Your Rights in Colorado)

The purpose of LYRIC (Learn your Rights in Colorado) is to teach youth about their Constitutional rights. Our programming aims to bring Constitutional law to life for juveniles in schools, juvenile justice facilities, and community settings. 

Through our philosophy and curriculum LYRIC aims to enable young people to become active and knowledgeable citizens who feel empowered to exercise their rights if they are contacted by the police. LYRIC teaches a fifty-five minute “Know Your Rights” curriculum that is the perfect accompaniment to high school civics curriculum.  All LYRIC programming is taught by practicing attorneys or law students. Michael Juba co-founded this organization, and continues to be the Vice-Chairman of the non-profit board. Matthew Hardy was on LYRIC's board from 2014 to 2016, and both him and Mr. Juba continue to volunteer to teach for LYRIC regularly. 

LYRIC now offers Immigration Resources, click here to access this content. 

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Second Wind Fund  

While other suicide prevention organizations offer broad suicide prevention education and awareness, Second Wind Fund offers actual treatment services to at-risk children and youth. Second Wind Fund has built an innovative program to match children and youth ages 19 and younger, who are at risk of suicide, with a licensed therapist in their local community.

Referrals are typically made by school mental health staff (School Counselors, Social Workers or Psychologists) and sometimes by other mental health professionals. Home schooled youth or those no longer attending school are also eligible.  If the referred youth is at risk for suicide and does not have adequate insurance or the means to pay for the necessary mental health treatment, the cost of therapy is paid for by Second Wind Fund.  

We believe that all communities and people are affected by suicide and that open, honest communication about the pervasiveness of suicide is critical to reducing its incidence. Mr. Juba currently holds a position on the Second Wind Fund's non-profit board, and our law firm is a consistent donor to the mission of this non-profit.

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Chained Voices

"Chained Voices" is a collaborative effort on behalf of incarcerated juveniles, the Colorado Juvenile Defender Center (CJDC), a Denver based non-profit, Denver based Forensic Social Workers, and Second Chance Center. This organization hosts annual art shows as a fundraiser to benefit incarcerated youth and to help inform the public about the plight of those involved. Our firm donates supplies and support to this organization to ensure that the art shows are successful.

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